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Dr. Dakota Parris, DC #5284
Chiropractic Care

I grew up in Jackson County, in the mountains of North Carolina.  After graduating high school, I attended Western Carolina University to obtain my bachelor's degree in biology.  Within a month of graduating with my biology degree, I took a job at a bank.  Yes, a bank.  Of course this was a mistake, but it was one that I am eternally grateful for, as it solidified the realization that I was not following my intended path.  Within the year, I applied to and was accepted to attend Life University in Marietta, GA, where three and a half years later I obtained my doctorate in chiropractic care in December of 2020.


In January, 2021, I returned to my hometown and was fortunate to obtain a contract position with Dr. Katie Wilson at Wilson Family Chiropractic in Sylva, NC.  I learned so much during my year and a half tenure with Dr. Katie!  Not just about the day to day rhythm and function of a chiropractic office, but more importantly, I learned how to connect and form relationships with my patients.  The experience was fulfilling in so many respects, and not unexpectedly, it eventually fostered the next step in my development, a desire to form my own practice within the western North Carolina region. 


Caring for the health and well-being of the people of my community has always been a dream for me.  Since early childhood, I have struggled with autoimmunity, which has compromised my thyroid (therefore, my metabolism) and my overall health.  Unfortunately, this struggle was exasperated by physicians who were not trained to address the reasons for my condition.  This is where chiropractic care separates itself from traditional medicine.  I seek real answers, for you and for me, to address the real causation of disease, not to just treat symptoms.


I am so thrilled to be able to serve the residents of western North Carolina.  My goal is to grow my practice both in space and services.  Please join me!  I promise to listen to you and to work diligently not only in managing your care, but also, toward correcting current problems and preventing future ones.


Make an appointment today!  I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Insurance Accepted: BCBS, BCBS State Health Plan CPP Provider, Cigna, MedCost, Aetna

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