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Victoria Long, Practice Manager
Postpartum Doula

My passion for supporting families with a focus on helping them through their perinatal experience began with my own experience. It was physically and emotionally traumatic, with a difficult pregnancy, unplanned cesarean, and a slow recovery made more difficult with PPA and PPD. With my second child I sought out more support and overall experience was much more enjoyable. My second child was born with a severe tongue tie, so I love sharing my first-hand experience with our Tongue Tie Team.

When I support you as a postpartum doula, you can rest with your baby or shower, I can prepare a meal for your family after doing laundry or tidy up your home. You can prepare a list of questions or vent as I lend a listening ear. Postpartum support makes the transition into parenthood a little easier with someone holding your hand!

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