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Did you know these are signs of oral dysfunction, oral ties or tension in your baby’s mouth or body?

  • Pain 

  • Gas 

  • Colic 

  • Constipation

  • Baby hating tummy time and car rides

  • Excessive fussiness

  • Slow weight gain

  • Pain with breastfeeding

  • Milk leaking out of your baby’s mouth when they eat 

  • Clicking while they eat

  • A preference to be held or nursed on one side

  • Baby seems to have “no neck” because they hold their shoulders up 

  • Head turns to one side more than the other 

  • Mouth open while sleeping

The signs listed above can indicate oral dysfunction, oral ties or tension in your baby’s mouth or body that impact their ability to feed and develop ideally. Basically baby is asking us for help as they work through these issues! Our Tongue Tie Team is ready to help through experienced IBCLC care and specialized body work to make feeding and moving more comfortable and effective!

Board-Certified Lactation Consultant Brandi and Occupational Therapist Cheryl work separately and as a team to hone in on feeding difficulties. They will work with you to optimize your baby's skills, prepare your baby for an easier recovery from frenectomies, help the frenectomy be more effective, or may even prevent your baby from needing a tie revision at all! Brandi helps you navigate breastfeeding discomfort and ensures that your baby is gaining weight well, while Cheryl works on releasing tension and strengthening your baby’s oral and body function.

Chiropractor Dakota very gently adjusts your baby with massage-like comfort to align their body and optimize their digestion and functionality. She addresses areas of imbalance and tension, such as their jaw, neck, sacrum, hips etc. to bring their body back to neutral.

This team collaborates with local tongue tie release providers in the area when tie releases are needed.

A revolutionary new model of care now available across WNC, we are ready to help you find answers, solutions and support. 

Have an office, group, or organization that would like to know more about these topics and how to refer? We can provide lunch and learn opportunities to physician's offices, healthcare organizations and more!

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